The relationship of human to the nature has long been evaluated by ethical approach. This approach, in the relationship between human beings and forests, aims at protecting the resources rather than protecting the nature. The assumption that forests can be managed by humans and operated according to the economic criteria, put the unity of forest life into jeopardy. In this day and age, contribution of forestry to social welfare is required rather than profitability, economy or reasonability and ecological tolerance; also there need to serve something like fresh air, clean water, recreation facilities instead of producing wood. A new forestry perception that upon cost-benefit analysis should be constituted by abrogating the forest management that has been formed roughly 100 years ago considering statement of loss and gains. Thus, there is need for shifting from the anthropocentric paradigm to ecocentric paradigm.


Environmental Ethics, Forestry Ethics, Forest Management, Silviculture, Forestry

Author : Ercüment ÖZDEMİR - - Nesrin ÇOBANOĞLU
Number of pages: 428-442
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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