Koroglu Epic, which has the widest and most common peer to peer text of Turkish culture, has an important place outside of collective consciousness with its rich motifs and symbols. Especially the East and Central Asia narratives called as Uzbek, Turkmen, Tajik, Karakalpak, Kazakh, Arabic Asia, Siberian tobollar narratives where mythological elements predominate. As there are many important symbols in the eastern narrations of Koroglu Epic, one of these symbols is the grave motif that gives dimension to the epic. Although the grave is percieved as the last place of the person, it should also be considered as the place of birth and rebirth. The tomb motif, which contains many meanings such as mother’s tummy, rebirth place, eternal place, end of life or begining, is included in the narrative of Koroglu Epic in the Turkish world with its rich content. In our syudy, especially in the Turkish world of Koroglu Epic narrative of the birth and entering the tomb, depending on the events in the grave, rebirth, mother’s womb, whale’s belly, nest, adultization and so on motifs and contrasts such as birth-death, begining-ending, light-darkness, underground-surface will be evaluated. Thus, the collective spirit of the Turkish nation will be unearthed with the meanings hidden in the symbols based on the Koroglu Epic.


Koroglu Epic, Grave, Symbol, Mythology, Death, Life.

Author : Gülda Çetindağ Süme
Number of pages: 219-231
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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