One of the difficulties that the author suffers when creating a text is the difficulty of creating the fictional world in the text in the mind of the reader. Even when a well-known place described in the said place, gets a new still filtered through the author's imagination. Therefore, each description in the fictional texts is the presentation of a new world distant to the reader. Moreover, it is not enough for the author to describe this world in a static way. What is expected of a good writer is that he creates vivid images in the mind of the reader. Taking this issue into the agenda in her work “Dreaming by the Book”, Elaine Scarry tries to explain how an object can be visualized in the mind with various techniques. The first part of the work consists of three chapters; “Picture Creation ”, second part; “Moving Pictures”, the third part; It is about ”Painting again”. In light of Scarry's methods, when Ahmet Ümit's novel Bab-ı Esrar is examined, his ability to create images will be better understood.


Bab-ı Esrar, Dreaming by the Book, İmagination Elements

Author : Onur TOKİZ
Number of pages: 295-302
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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