Today's society is exposed to the intense impact of globalization. This effect can be seen both in positive and negative ways. All kinds of changes and interactions that affect individuals are necessarily reflected in the educational environments. Educational organizations operating on the axis of internal and external customer satisfaction build their existence on communication. The most important argument of the educational climate where all kinds of horizontal and vertical communication and interaction is based on love. Love is a variety of emotions. The degree of influence of emotions on individuals varies according to personality and character traits. Love is the key to the door to life. People deprived of love are closed to communication. In addition, love is an element affecting the quality of life. Using the five love languages in education could be useful and fruitful for a better educational system. This study aims to investigate the views of teachers and school principals about the use of the five languages of love in education. Love is an important part of the value-oriented sharing in school organizations. In this study, as some of the five love languages, words of affirmation, quality time and gift giving are considered. The aim of the study is to raise awareness of the use of the love language in the educational environments. The study is a qualitative case study. For the research, 28 teachers and 8 school administrators working in the 2017-2018 academic year constitute the study group determined by maximum sampling method. In the research, semi-structured question form was used. Data were interpreted via content analysis, analysis and frequency analysis. Results show that using the language of love in schools has positive effects on students. Yet, teachers do not use it enough for some reasons. Commonly used form of love languages is affirmation words. Teachers rarely use quality time as means of the love language. Suggestions were developed according to the findings of the study.


Principals, Teachers, Student motivation, Communication, the Five Love Languages

Author : İhsan TOPCU - Mehmet Ali DİLCİ
Number of pages: 378-393
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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