The Esbâb’ı Nüzûl by the name of Tefhîmü'l-Qur'an by Mevdûdî

Author : Recep KADİROĞLU
Number of pages : 602-627


The Reasons for Revelation has a considerable place in quranic disciplines since the very first appearence of Islam. with its existence. It has contributed to develop apprehension patterns referred to divine wishes. Another qualification that makes companions of Muhammed (pbuh) superior is due to their perfection of knowledge over the reasons for revelation such as revelation circusmstance, time and about whom the verses revealed. The fact that they know about all these matters helped them know about divine goal, as well. The rumour which Ebu Ubade quoted from İbrahim Teymi about the confliction of the followers of Muhammed (pbuh) with the same religion and the same followers has brought out the importance of The Reasons for Revelation once more. We in this article, are discussing the reasons for revelation in the book Tefhîmu’l Kur’ân by Mevdudi, one of the contemporary writers, who spent his life on fighting for islamic goals. Then, pointing to the his aspect of revelation and studying his style, we are touching on the matters about relevant rumours interpreted by him. We also discussing his manner of approaching to the certain matters which are contreversial in classical period. Thus, We intend to inform the raeders about the significance and place of Mevdudi among other interpreters.


İnterpretation on Qur’an, Commenting on Qur’an, Mevdûdî, Tefhîmü’l-Kur’ân, The Reasons for Revelation


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