Idık Ötüken Yış is a holy (“ıduk”) name of a place where is emphasised that the state has to be kept as “capital” in order to its being powerful and constant in old Turkic inscriptions. In this study, it has been tried to demonstrate that the word of ötüken means “gates”, it has been derived from verb of öt- which means “pass through” in its core meaning by the words which is given from historical and contemporary Turkic languages. In morphological analysis which is made above word of ötüken, it has been claimed that suffix of {-(U)k} has derived name of öt-(ü)k which means “gate” in the direction of this assertion. Besides, it has been asserted that suffix of {+An} which is added later on, and is old plural suffix has derived word of ötük+en which means “gates”. It has been checked out word of “gate” -which is in Contemporary Turkish Language- to its equivalents in contemporary Turkic Languages in order to make strong to this assertion which is based on verb of öt-. It has shown up as a indication which makes strong etymologic assumption of this study, that the names mean “gates” in most of contemporary Turkic Languages to being derive with verb of öt-. As a result, it has been come through that Ötüken Yış, has a feature of portal, which lets vertical transfer (“stick of sky, iron-tree” which is close to “te?ri” in holy main gate) and lateral transfer (strategical gates as military and economy) might explain the meaning as “gates forest (or Tree)”.


Orkhon Inscriptions, verb of öt-, Iduk Ötüken Yış, Holy Gates Forest (or Tree)

Author : Turgay SEBZECİOĞLU
Number of pages: 44-52
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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