Ottoman-Iran struggle freshening in Yavuz Sultan Selim term, continues with Shah Tahmasb’s accession to the throne, nonnotification of this situation with an ambassador, as a result of this; Kanuni’s consignment a threat letter instead of congratulation on Tahmasb in same fast. In this process, Safavids attack frequently for frontier of Ottoman cities, pillage and rebel among Turkmens in Anatolia spreading the Shiite. After Safavids’ these actions, Kanuni organizes three expeditions by not idle and then in 922/1555 year, Amasya Treaty is signed. Although Ottoman-Iran relationship enters into a distressed process with Prince Bayezid’s asylum to Persia, relationships improve with concession of Prince Bayezid. In Kânunî term, a lot of correspondences were written between Ottoman and Persian statesmen. Most of theese correspondences in the shape of letter reach up to the present. Apart from these mostly prose letters with interspersed parts in verse between sporadically, we also see that statesmen’s responses in verse for each other. One of theese is Kanuni’s response for Tahmasb’s ghazal. In this study, ghazals that are altercations in poetic expression between Kanuni and Tahmasb’s will be introduced.


Kanûnî, Tahmasb, ghazal, letter, altercation.

Author : Beyhan KESİK
Number of pages: 203-210
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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