The religious court(Mahkeme-i Shar’iyya) registers which bring light to the political, social, cultural, economic contracture of the era, are one of the most important values to be left behind the Ottoman Empire that dominated Syria 400 years. Damascus, Aleppo, Hama and Homs court registers are gathered in a center in Damascus named Center of Historical Documents. Aleppo religious court registers, numbered 664, occupies an important place among thousands of records in Syria. Aleppo religious court registers are consist of the documents which were recorded by the Grand Court(Mahkeme-i Kübrâ) of Aleppo in the management of the Aleppo Judge and the records of the Bânkûsiye, Şâfi’i, Salâhiye and Cebel-i Sem’ân courts in the management of the vise judges who were appointed by the Judge of Aleppo. It can bee seen that Aleppo shar’iyya court registers which are major source of our history and recorded in Arabic, are not known by the researchers and are not used by them for academic researches. In this study Aleppo shar’iyya courts and shar’iyya court registers are introduced for Ottoman history researchers and other local researches of the region.


Aleppo Shar’iyya Registers, Aleppo Shar’iyya Courts, Court of Şâfi’iyye, Vise Judge

Author : Mehmet KABACIK
Number of pages: 138-152
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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