It is seen that novels and story books concerning population exchange have increased in recent some years. It is observed that, even if there have been over ninety years after that, the effect of the population exchange has resumed on people for years. This paper deals with how the population exchange is reflected on our stories. After the introduction, with heading “Mübadelenin Edebiyatımıza Yansıması” there is some information about the population exchange and how the population exchange is rendered in Turkish literature. In the heading “Mübadele İle İlgili Hikâye Kitapları”, recently published story books including stories about the population exchange have been introduced. And in the heading “Hikâyelerde Ön Plana Çıkan Duygu, Düşünce ve Yaşanmışlıklar”, are presented the feelings and experiences of whom we come across in the given stories. In conclusion, there take parts a general assessment and it is tried to come to a conclusion on how the population exhange is rendered in the Turkish story.


Turkish story, population exchange, homesick, separation

Author : Fatih SAKALLI
Number of pages: 101-116
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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