Folk tales, especially legends, are the stories that manifest social psychology and sociological phenomena in a most clear way. It is very natural where there are humanbeings there are some problems and physiological or psychological needs. The solutions offered for similar psychological needs of humans, have also prepared the ground for many common motifs and subjects to appear in the legends as a result of which we can come across with many similar motifs in the legends. We can hear one legend told in one region, is told with a different title, but carrying similar motifs, in another region. This shows that all the things people think, feel, worry, fear, rejoice, etc. about within the social life, systematically affect, actually diffuse into, the feelings of other people. Hence, differences of people do not prevent them to be exposed to similar or the same kind of psychological impacts and experience the same feelings. These systemised narratives have commingled with people’s beliefs and began to contain also some religous and historical facts within them. Some of these facts, however, have been mixed with some imaginary events lying in the fancy imagination of the narrator. This also lies at the source of debates regarding the relationship of the legends with the real life. However, one fact that never changes is the existence of many psycho-social events at the base of these legends. We selected two legends -Sarıkız (the Blonde Girl) and Gelin Kayası (Bride Rock)- as sample cases to our assertion and tried to analyse the impacts of these legends on people’s beliefs and social lives. The most prominent reason why we have chosen these two legends, which had been compiled by us, is the existence of so many variations of these two legends carrying the same name in many regions of Anatolia. These variations make us think that the events unfold in the legends and their psychological effects are actually felt in and experienced by the society in general.


Legend, Gelin Kayası, Sarıkız, Functions of Legends, Folklore, Folk Tales

Author : Murat KARA
Number of pages: 363-372
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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