Nasreddin Hodja in Children’s Books

Nasreddin Hodja stories are among the most frequently compiled and written anecdotes in Turkish jokes. These anecdotes are also found in children's books and Turkish textbooks. In particular, their being recommended to primary school students within the scope of 100 Basic Works causes children to love and read them. This is important, because, it is necessary to introduce the characters who left their marks on Turkish Culture with their intelligence and sharp thinking abilities, such as Nasreddin Hodja, to the children. The “Document analysis method” which is from qualitative research methods was used in the research. As it is on the list of 100 Basic Works, the books titled as Nasreddin Hodja Stories were published by different publishing houses in different periods of time and they have still been published so far. For this reason, 9 books were selected randomly among the published books and the content analysis was carried out on the selected books and the section of findings was created. Purpose of the study was to determine the character of Nasreddin Hodja in children's books.


Joke; anecdote; Nasreddin Hodja; Children's Books; Turkish culture

Author : Neslihan KARAKUŞ
Number of pages: 236-252
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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