Author : Kadir KASALAK
Number of pages : 102-111


The Impact of History Philosophy on History Teaching It is a fact that many healthy practices can not be done about "history" teaching in Turkey. The main reasons for this are; It deals with philosophy and teaching method of history, scientific approaches and lack of common reason and thought. In addition, application vulnerabilities are the most problematic. That is why we are in this article; We will discuss how the history teaching should be done, how it should be done, what philosophy of history is, and what kind of individual should be cultivated with the benefits to be gained from it. Everybody knows that the main material of history and the goal is human. So anything that interests the human is interested in history as well. So, history is not just about what happened in the past; at the same time, political, social, economic, cultural, education, law and art. In order to examine and learn about the activities in these areas; a method, a logic, a philosophy. Here is the philosophy of history philosophy. History philosophy is a simple definition; the formation of humanity and the events that it has lived in a method and harmony. As long as we act with the meaning of history, words; "history"; it only deals with the transfer of events. In its philosophy of history, it introduces general laws affecting the development of civilization and history, and attempts to find the causes of good and evil experiences that humanity has undergone, found in comparative proposals for the future. In terms of this function, history philosophy reveals the methods and principles of using history, of taking lessons from it. That is why those who teach history; Without knowing the philosophy of history, history teaching should know that it will not be very beneficial to people. In this context, teaching according to age groups, determination of the right methods, it is certain that there will be significant effects in teaching.


History teaching, history philosophy, basic elements of history, teaching steps, teaching methods.


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