Reading habit is crucial in terms of enabling one to develop one’s own personality and truths and charting one’s course to new horizons. Reading habit is a skill which starts to be developed through pre-school education but is not limited to school. The development of reading habits is only possible with both family and educational settings involving in the process. Teachers and parents therefore should be aware of their roles. This brings great responsibility to Turkish teachers, who should develop reading habits before graduating from college in order to be able to fulfill their duties to their students and teach them how to develop reading habits as well. The aim of this study is to evaluate prospective Turkish teachers’ reading habits. Study sample consists of 152 students of the Department of Turkish Language Teaching of Muş Alparslan University. Data were collected using a “Scale of Prospective Turkish Teachers’ Reading Habits” developed by the researcher. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and shown in frequency and percentage values. Results show that the number of books read by prospective Turkish teachers is limited. They borrow few books from university or city libraries, do not like reading in general and are not in the habit of reading daily. In addition, the Internet and social circle affect their reading habits.


Turkish teacher, book, habit, reading

Author : Bünyamin SARİKAYA
Number of pages: 278-289
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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