Music education is a very long, hard and tiring process. Music teacher absolutely meet with one of musician diseases. Throughout enstrument education and after that, permanent damage can appear especially in hands, arms, neck and back because of overuse the body. Being aware of these damages and diseases is going to minimise meeting such illnesses. Therefore, teaching physiology and anatomy in music schools and also knowing body will block the possible diseases. The purpose of this study is to explain the health problems and causes in the students who take instrumental education and to guide them. It also emphasizes the importance of physiological elements in the process of instrument education and creates awareness for preservation. It is important to prevent possible health problems that may be encountered in this regard. Trainees who have passed the same training process will benefit from this work and will shed light on the next generation.


Music Teacher, Musician Illneses, Physical Overuse, Recognition And Diagnosis

Author : Soner ALGI - - Zeynep SEYHAN
Number of pages: 192-208
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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