The process of disuse of central planning creates an economic system based on competition, foreign capital and specialization. Central economic structure means that the government is the only power in economic and social arena. On the other hand in a free market structure the power of government is limited. In this point we see the transition economies, the focus of the first chapter in this thesis. The notions of transition economies have been taken pleases for thirty years and it is used for the changes in related countries’ economies and political structure. Transition is the process of change in institutions. The countries that governed by socialist system should changed their political and economic structure when they transform to free market economy. Furthermore the main purpose is reaching out the economic and social transition in these countries. In this thesis Poverty, the main social and economic problem from past to present, is explained. Human development and Poverty index are the main guides to see the changes and compare variables. We can understand from this study the relations between social aspects such as economic development, health and education and demographic aspects are important.


Free Market Economy, Transition Country, Poverty, Human Development, Economic Development.

Author : Abdullah ÖZDEMİR - - Gizem KAŞIKÇI
Number of pages: 79-98
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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