Since the beginning of the 19 th century, Russians started to establish relations with Kurdish tribes in order to achieve their historical demands. In this respect, tribes that could serve their own purposes and opposed to the Ottoman State were preferred. The independent tribes on the Ottoman-Iranian border were very close to the influence area of the Russians. In the beginning, nationalism propaganda was carried out among the Kurdish tribes living in Tabriz, Hoy, Salmas, Rumiya and Kotur regions. The Russians, who were in Kurdish independence voyage through the consulates in the provinces, then began to use the famous opposition Abdurrezzak Bedirhan for their own purposes. Abdurezzak, who opened a school in Hoy and founded an association, tried to bias the tribes in the region to the Russians. Bitlis and Van relatives in the vicinity of establishing relations with Bitlis revolted. When the Bitlis rebellion, a Russian conspiracy, was suppressed, the Russians could not get what they wanted. However, the Russians did not want to do this and wanted to weaken the Ottoman army's power before the First World War. The Russians, who started the occupation of Eastern Anatolia after the war started, could not see the support expected from the tribes. In 1915, he went up to Van and occupied it. Progress towards Bitlis, but the recovering Ottoman forces defeated the Russians and took it back to Van. After a while, the Russians separated their ways with Abdrerezzak, who could not fulfill the mission he had set up and could not rebel against the Turks. Thus it was seen that the purpose of the Russians was not to be Kurdish independence but to occupy eastern Anatolia and reach its historical demands.


Abdürrezzak Bedirhan, Simko, Türkish, Kürdish, Tribe

Author : Bayram AYNA
Number of pages: 137-153
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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