Devastating effects of Syrian civil war that started with the effect of Middle East and Arab Spring are felt at every point of our country inevitably because Syria is our bordering neighbor. The “human” dimension, based on not only economic, cultural and social dimensions but also and the most importantly vital notions, is prominent issues that should be prioritized. The main objective of this study is to determine the extent of humanitarian poverty index formulated by United Nations Development Program and added to the literature and to seek answers to the question of how we can mobilize both public and private sectors within the framework of social policy. However, we believe that measuring the effect of spatial and cultural change, one of the outcomes of the phenomenon of migration, on adaptation to social circle and communication will create an antecedent projection to the establishment of social programs and offer some contributions. Using qualitative research method in our study, the study discusses socio-economic status of married Syrian women who were forced to migrate to Ömerli district in Mardin province, especially with its poverty dimension. It is observed that, Syrian immigrants experience serious difficulties economically although they have overcome many thresholds in terms of social integration.


Migration, Syria, Poverty

Author : İlyas BAYAR - - İbrahim ARSLAN - Osman KAVAK
Number of pages: 217-227
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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