Wedding industry is one of the sectors that provide added value to the economy in Turkey. Private applications for the wedding dress industry are becoming increasingly common. For this purpose, designer activities were taken into consideration during the process of designing wedding dresses for the person. The special design of the person has been renewed and kept up to date with the development of the technology in recent years, changes in customer demands and design approaches. The inclusion of the customer in the custom wedding dress design causes the traditional fashion design process to differentiate. Customer requests and needs are included in the design process and a process similar to the participatory design approach is followed. In order that this process can be defined by the designer's point of view; a semi-structured interview form was created by taking advantage of the observations and experiences of the researcher who had previously worked actively in the field. Data from the study; which consists of three designers operating in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, which serve brides in different socio-economic levels. In line with the opinions of the designers, it has been achieved that the design process should be extended to include the rehearsal process, more intensive and individual communication based, and economic and functional data should be included.


Custom Design, Design Approaches, Wedding Dress, Fashion Design

Author : Büşra ARSLAN - - Birsen ÇİLEROĞLU
Number of pages: 274-283
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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