When the studies on the classification of the suffixes of the Turkish language are examined, it is seen that the suffixes are usually taken under two main headings as the inflectional and derivational suffixes. Considering the historical process of Turkish language as agglutinative language, it seems that this classification limits the diversity in terms of the additions it has. The +(I)msI suffix which is a part of this diversity and the words that it added like kırmızımsı, kekremsi, odunumsu, fiilimsi is seen as derivational suffixes by the most of the Turkish language researchers and associated with the +sIG(?+sI) morpheme which is belong to the old Turkish language. In this study the relation between the +(I)msI suffix and +sIG(?+sI) suffix is tried to examine and the function of this suffix is explained out of the examples of the quotes from Turkish. Accordingly, the aforementioned addition’s form and function relation was examined considering not only the form of it but also the functions.


suffix, form, function, derivational suffix, adjectival suffix.

Author : Emine TOPKAYA
Number of pages: 442-450
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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