The word 'Zeibek' in TDK (Turkish Language Instıtute)'s dictionary is described as a genre which belongs to Aegean Region or kind of folkloric dance,and also It means a brave man of western anatolia. .Zeibek as a dance is performed in two different way according to its rhytym 1 - Zeibek folk dance with slow pace performance 2 - Zeibek folk dance with rhtymic pace performance . Male zeibek dances belong to both performances,however ;female zeibek folk dance mainly performed with rhtymic pace.As all different types of dances,Zeibek dances also were affected by cultural social and historical reasons.There are many diverses of the folk dance(zeybek) according to its people, region ,and also presenting style. I visited Greece to do some research on Zeibek Dance.One of the emineent person in Greek Folk Dance called Alkis Raftis has mentioned that Zeybekikos has been transfered to Greecce by interacting with Turkish people.Once again I visited to Paros Island,which is in the middle of Aegean Sea to do some more research on Zeybek Dance in 2002.I observed similiar dances which resembles Zeibek Folk Dance and in addition to that, I have found some familiar dances which is combination of Teke Region and Zeibek Region. The Dance performed with the name of 'Abdalikos' s sound is the variation of Kordon Zeibek and also Serenler and Afyon Zeibek as seen in Burdur ,Isparta region ,this could be a great evidence how Zeibek formed and spread into the region.’’


zeibek, region, dance, clothes

Author : Volkan GİDİŞ
Number of pages: 291-297
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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