Ikta means "to cut, to separate" in dictionary. The term is the granting of the rights and privileges of ownership, operation or exploitation of immovable property, particularly natural resources, such as land, or of tax authorities, on behalf of the president or his or her authority. Some of the ancient Turks before Islam had customs related to land ownership, even if they were built. After the Turks were completely settled, the land they had been working in was divided into private property and community property. In ancient Turks, there was a system very similar to the ukta system. The Seljuks developed this by adapting them to their own times in accordance with time and ground. Hz. Muhammad has given many reasons to various reasons. Some of these accounts were given to the hearts of the people to be converted to Islam, and some were made in order to make the land more productive. Hz. It is known that Prophet Muhammad is very popular. Nizamülmülktür which first puts forth and implements military rule method in Seljuks. Indeed, the Iqta system belonging to the Islamic world was completely new in the Seljuk period, according to Turkish military and administrative procedures. This rule of procedure of the Nizamülmülkü was applied in all Turkish states after that. Before that there were no such small lands. The lands were given to the order as big orders as in the Abbasid period, but not to the army members. A Persian word for groom means goodness, forgiveness, grace, generosity, help. The Anatolian Seljuk state was destroyed by the invasion of the Mongols by the Mongols, but preserved by the principals and passed through as Ottoman Tımar. Our purpose in this work is not how the igta system emerged and how it was applied in the Turks or other states. It is essentially an application of the Turkic system entirely of Turkic or it is an application from other states and we will try to investigate it.


Ikta, Turks, Comparison.

Author : Kayhan ATİK
Number of pages: 176-183
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The Journal of Social Sciences
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