The aim of this study is to evaluate the drawings and opinions of gifted and normally developing children about the virtual environment, for this purpose, children were asked to draw a picture about the virtual environment and answer the questions. Gifted individuals have differences according to their peers in all developmental areas and their leisure activities. It is thought that the evaluation of the opinions of the gifted children about the virtual environment, which is among the current topics of today and affects the social and emotional experiences of the individuals, will be a guide for other related fields. This study is designed a qualitative method. Firstly, the participants were asked to draw a picture about the "virtual environment", then to answer the questions in the interview form. Categorization was made compatible with the literature and the themes were determined based on the responses. Content analysis was performed on the findings. A total of 53 gifted 3 and 4th grade students with 19 gifted and 34 normal developments were included in the study. 19 gifted and 34 normal-progressed students in grades 3 and 4 included the study. When the results were evaluated, it was seen that there were differences in the drawings and interview forms of gifted and normal children. The results appear to be consistent with the differences in the characteristics and interests of gifted individuals in the literature.


: Gifted, Virtual environment, Technology

Author : Cemre ERTEN TATLI - - Ayşe ALP - Serhat Furkan ESKALEN
Number of pages: 242-258
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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