19th century is the time when there were changes in content in many aspects and literary transformations. Therefore, it is possible to observe multi-genre characteristics in some works of this period. Lehcetü’l-Hakayık by Âlî Bey, the topic of this article, has such features. As a matter of fact, Âlî Bey seems to write the first humour dictionary of our literature, but he has written out a work that causes a transition from traditional satire and pleasantry to ironic criticism. However, this is not the main important aspect of Lehcetü’l-Hakayık. It can be said that “A prototype of Ekşi Sözlük” has nearly been created by giving 360 words an ironic twistin this book. In this article, we try to reveal the factors that make his work memorable by analysing the humour in the book in a personal, professional, political and social, philosophical and intellectual, ontological, and theological perspectives.


Lehcetü’l-Hakayık, Dictionary and Lexicography, Manager Âlî Bey, Nineteenth Century (19th Century). Humour-Irony

Author : İsrafil BABACAN
Number of pages: 1-10
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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