Collage-Art is one of the most effective methods to add meaning to the content that is concerned about making or in accordance with its own approaches. The period of Synthetic Cubism was a period in the search for traditional materials between the years of 20-century 1912-1914, Pablo Picasso and George Brugue put the materials other than paint into their compositions and used the collage technique. 1912-1914 During the period of Synthetic Cubism, Picasso made ’Bambulu Ölüdoğa ’Bambulu Still Life inden, one of the most important works of modern art. Since 1912, George BRAGUE has pioneered the Synthetic Cubism movement with Pablo Picasso, while PICASSO made collage - compositions, while BRAGUE made the first "paper - cole" paper paste collage compositions. Pablo PICASSO and George BRAGUE were accepted as the method of depicting objects in collage-compositions. The themes they used were usually customary subjects and were taken from the stillborn tradition. Cubism developed the concept of collage-composition as a contemporary art style and many famous works with their new contemporary interpretation take place in art history.


Collage, Composition Synthetic Cubism, Contemporary, Painting, Still Life Bamboo Dead Nature.

Author : Meher BAYRAMOĞLU
Number of pages: 430-439
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The Journal of Social Sciences
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