From early age of cinema, filmmaker have been trying to create reality on screen. all film theories and editing techinques have been based on continuity editing. The purpose was to make the audience accept the reality without any doubts. Starting from early 2000's by the help of social media and video sharing websites the language started to be distort by the amateur filmmakers. The lack of information about continuity editing casued films with lots of jump-cuts.Klasik The audience has been almost bombarded by these huge amount of amateur videos and thie caused a different type of reality on the viewer. Project Europa is a kind of mile stone on the language cause it mixes the idea of reality and fiction. The film uses this "Amateur filmmaking style" and causes a different way of story telling. This study discusses the effects of "Porject Europa" over this type of filmmaking.


Author : Kağan OLGUNTÜRK
Number of pages: 61-72
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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