Author : Rahime ASLAN - Müge BULUT - Hülya ARSLANTAŞ
Number of pages : 365-384


Dating violence is behavior that involves the kind of violence a person sees from his or her partner in an emotional/romantic/sexual relationship throughout the relationship or after the relationship ends, such as physical, sexual, psychological/emotional or persistent stalking. Exposure to dating violence as a factor in gender roles, exposure to peer violence, the belief that dating violence is acceptable, exposure to family violence, childhood trauma have been reported. As dating violence is often seen in adolescence and youth, violence learned as a pattern of behavior during this period can be used to resolve conflicts within the family during adulthood. Thus, dating violence can perpetuate domestic violence as well as physical and mental health consequences. The increasing prevalence and consequences of dating violence in our country as well as in the world presents dating violence as a public health problem. This review was written on social media to raise awareness of dating violence so that mental health workers, who may experience this problem frequently in school and peer settings, can identify the problem and consider that the person's reported mental symptoms may be related to dating violence. For this purpose, topics such as definition, types, risk factors, prevalence, theories, research and results in Turkey and the world are included in the review.


Dating Violence, Adolescent, Teen Dating Violence, Mental Health, Mental Health Nursing


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