Evaluation of Communication Skills of Swimming Trainers in Elazığ Province
Elazığ İlindeki Yüzme Antrenörlerinin İletişim Becerilerinin Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Hasan Aykut AYSAN
Number of pages : 285-296


In this study, it is aimed to investigate the effect of communication skills of swimming coaches on socialization and performance of coaches. Data were collected from swimming coaches in Elazığ. The research is a descriptive and comparative study aimed to determine whether some variables create statistically significant differences in the communication skills perceptions of 39 male and 11 female coaches. The Communication Skills Assessment Scale (ISS) and Personal Information Form were administered to the trainers. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that the 25-item measuring instrument showed a five-factor structure. The results showed that the scale had sufficient internal consistency, similar scale validity, and a five-factor structure. Findings related to the communication skills of the trainers were first given as descriptive statistics; Then, manwhitney u, kruskalwallis statistical analysis methods were used to determine whether there was a difference between the mean scores of the groups. In statistical analysis, the level of significance was chosen as p <.05, which is frequently used in social sciences.


Communication Skills, Communication Skills Scale, Swimming Coaches

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