Author : Hatice KADIOĞLU ATEŞ -Merve Gül MAZI
Number of pages : 41-68


The aim of the research is to reveal the opinions of the primary school teachers who have gifted students in their class about gifted students. The research consists of 36 volunteer primary school teachers who have special talented students in their class at the primary schools in Küçükçekmece district in the 2019-2020 academic year. The reason for choosing Küçükçekmece district; The district of Küçükçekmece was chosen as a sample because it has a large size in terms of surface area, a crowded district in terms of population density and a large number of primary schools in Istanbul. The type of research is qualitative research. In the research, a semi-structured interview form, one of the qualitative data collection tools, was used as the data collection tool. In general, as a result of the research; teachers; They stated that students with special abilities get bored quickly in the lesson, have difficulty in catching up because they finish activities and studies quickly, and that they divide the lesson from time to time. They want to receive education on this subject and they want to give an education that will not get bored according to their abilities and levels. They also stated that they want to learn the methods about how to give this education to special talent in normal classes. They stated that there is a support education room in their schools. They stated that the support education room was beneficial to the students. When the distribution of the primary school teachers who have special talented students in their class according to their opinions about the advantages of having gifted students in their classes is examined; It has been determined that the topic, which is seen as the most advantageous area, presents different perspectives. It was determined that the teachers gave a different perspective to the subject by saying the ideas of gifted students in the classroom and that it was an advantage for their friends to help them look at the subject from a different perspective.


Education, Gifted Student, Primary School Teacher, Primary School.

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