Author : ziya kıvanç kıraç -Hasan Alpay KARASOY
Number of pages : 255-269


Symbols and symbolic thinking are considered as one of the distinguishing features of the human species from the primitive to the post-modern period. In the process of knowing the world, human beings are under the influence of teachings, theories and grand narratives as different symbolic systems with modern times. One of the most important reasons underlying is that enlightenment, which is the theoretical cradle of ideology, creates a "meaning" gap in people's lives. Ideologies claim to create simple and understandable visions of life for the masses and provide a map of society to minimize contradictions. Therefore, they have to use symbols and symbolic forms comprehensively as meaning carriers. Because ideologies need a stable audience to live. The homogenization of the mass depends on the sense of unity created by the symbols. In this sense, symbolizing ideologies is the expression of ideology discourses in the process of forming a community. Accordingly, the study focuses on the effects and use of symbols in the meaning-ideology axis.


Ideology, Symbol, Political Symbolism

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