In our classical poetry, the poet, for the most of time, refers to the magical world of the literary arts in order to reflect feelings. Any messages that he desires to give the reader and any feelings are revealed by means of these literary arts. Besides these arts, our poets who perform Divan poetry sought poetic theme in order to present their emotionally charged dreams, and they used new motives and images in their works. Therefore, the Divan poets have made these materials a means to reflect their feelings and dream world. Hüsn-i talil is undoubtedly one of these means. In Hüsn-i talil, the poet asserts an imaginary and good reason for aesthetic purposes instead of the actual reason of an event. Indeed, the poet is on the prowl of finding a poetic reason in his poem. This imaginary reason is associated with the mastership of the poet in the art of poetry. The things that the poet envisages in his inner world gain an aesthetic appearance in literary terms through hüsn-i talil. Appearing as the interpreter of the most complicated feelings in the hands of the first class poets, hüsn-i talil art is also a product of the inner reflections of the poets. Our poets quite successfully used hüsn-i talil art; and highly enriched their poems in terms of


Hüsn-i talil, Classical Turkish poetry, Literary art, Divan poet.

Author : İsmail YILDIRIM
Number of pages: 142-150
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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