The aim of this study is to determine the problems faced with while applying the activities related to the algebraic concepts in the 7th grade mathematics education program such as integers, rational numbers, algebraic expressions and equations with one unknown. It is also aimed to investigate the permanency of the effects of the teaching made by these activities for the students. The participants of this study were the students of five classrooms at 7th grade level. Each of the classrooms was randomly selected from the 7th grade level classrooms in each of five elementary schools at the center of the city of Van in 2008-2009. Totally, there were 160 students in these selected classrooms. In the study, case study model was used. Achievement test was formed in order to collect data about the effects and the permanency of teaching made with these activities. While teaching the algebraic concepts, pre-test was conducted. Then, the post-test was conducted three weeks later. After that, semi-structured interview formed benefiting from expert opinions was conducted to the teachers in order to collect data about the problems of teaching algebra with these activities. In addition, student portfolios were investigated with respect to the purpose of this study. The collected data were assessed by using paired samples t-test and some descriptive statistics such as percentage by SPSS 11.5 program. In light of the results of this study, the advices might be beneficial to support and to help the improvement of the elementary school mathematics curriculum were made. These advices might be beneficial for education system and future studies.


Algebra, Secondary school mathematics curriculum, Mathematics teaching.

Author : Kamil AKBAYIR - - Erkan YALVAÇ
Number of pages: 219-234
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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