Author : Melahat ÇEVİK
Number of pages : 225-233


Although the word "design" is a new definition for everyday life; is a title that collects the professions of the age. Of course, the criteria of your design word are determined by the requirements of space age and aesthetic criteria. In this context, we are observing that the creative processes of the stage have affected the daily life. So; stage life imitates the life scene. In fact, while the texts are staged; It is important in this sense to identify the purpose of the study of life and to determine the indicators that serve this purpose. And they started to design the decor-costume inside. Whether it is realistic or fantastic this situation does not change. Dressing is unique in every cut, so it comes at the very beginning of these cultural necessities, it contains the day and the past. In particular, differences between species will be reflected in the stage costume. An important indicator in this sense is the costume design. So, in terms of service to the interpretation, the presentation will be comedy or tragedy as well as the costume. Costume work on stage is not enough to be only on aesthetic criteria. The costume is successful when it is positioned within the whole design. If the designer's self-consciousness shows a position to stand before the game and the player, of course it has become self-serviceable from being a part of the whole. This is in fact the case for all elements of the design. The goal is never to "design the most beautiful". In this art is beautifully handled in the quarry. Because we see all of them together in the reality of life.


Scene Design, Performance, Costume


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