Author : - Elvan KANMAZ-
Number of pages : 333-340


As digital technology of new age covers daily life, it has brought a different feature into current art acts also. Modern period’s studies which are interpreted again have showed to what point’s postmodern period or its beyond would carry art. Digital feature which carries art to be more than a salt following point has attributed a new feature to art work: interacting with audience. New interacting digital fictions provides opportunity to an action and reaction case between audience and work and audience can involve in work thanks to this new interface. In terms of research’s subject; general feature and fiction of installations which react with digital age have been examined through samples. Formal interpretations are important in the point that they are a new experience and formal features of art work notion are carried into a different field. So their returns for current art have been examined.


digital installation, weavability, action-reaction, interdisciplinary


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