As a "multidisciplinary" science, language science has been considered important in the Ottoman period and has been upgraded from instrument and intermediary science to the level of intentional science and higher sciences, by the studies performed and the compositions revealed. The Arabic language, which started with the work of correcting the tongues of the Arabs that had been distorted by the "Persian" and gave its first examples in the fields of syntax, morphology, rhetoric and dictionary, influenced Ottoman language education-education by the influence of common Islamic civilization and culture ,The development of Ottoman language science has continued for centuries under the influence of Arabic language science. Ottoman language science have developed its existence through the madrasah from the establishment of the Ottoman Empire until the Tanzimat period, It have developed through education based on school style from the Tanzimat period to the Alphabet Revolution. It can be said that the Ottoman Reformation period was the most prolific and most efficient period of Ottoman language science in terms of language education-teaching and compositions revealed. Ottoman language science, which lasted for centuries under the dominance of Arabic language science, gained a national identity and articulation with the books of grammar, paradigme morphology- syntax and rhetoric written in this period.


Ottoman, education, language science, morphology-syntax, rhetoric

Author : Meriç GÜVEN
Number of pages: 143-156
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The Journal of Social Sciences
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