Without considering methodology, the sharing of an Islamic subject in social media brings with it many problems. Takfir problem is one of them. Takfir which means to declare someone an unbeliever is widely used with verses and hadiths by social media users leads to deep sores in individual and community life. Many people seem to have searched in social media to get to know Islam and the Prophet more closely. This study will examine Muslims on the social media blaming each other for being unbeliever. The way to avoid the Takfir problems goes through by creating awareness towards the Prophet especially on social media. At the same time, this is closely related to the madhhab fanaticism we have witnessed in various examples of sharing. The method and the result of discussing different ideas is not to deny another Muslims belief. Otherwise, many religious behavior and expression disorders in the social media will spread rapidly among the Muslims, or this situation will be seen as open to misappropriation by the anti-Islamists. In this context, some examples of takfir will be examined with their effects and results, and some suggestions for resolution will be shared.


Islam, Hadith, Media, Facebook, Madhhab, Takfir.

Author : İbrahim TOZLU
Number of pages: 98-116
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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