Abdurrahman Velid Ebüzziya who lived between 1882 and 1945 as a member of the famous Ebüzziya family who trained three generations of journalists and he is a journalist who has been in important services to Turkish Press History. As well as journalist identity, he has also been carried out important services with its active position in National Struggle and he was rewarded with the Independence Medal. Initially, Mr. Velid supported the Ankara government because of the National Struggle but later he has exhibited an oppositional attitude in the face of some actions of the Ankara government. However, Mr. Velid was in the side of the Ankara government in discussions about the capital of Ankara. After the Lausanne talks, debates about the capital of the new state began to take place. From August 1923 onward these discussions have accelerated. On the one hand, those who advocate that the capital of the new state is Istanbul and on the other side, those who advocate the capital of the new state is Ankara. Both sides have reasonable justifications for the matter but it was based on political opinions and thoughts. According to this, newspapers and writers who are close to the Government of Ankara have argued that Ankara should be the capital city, while the distant newspapers and writers advocate that Istanbul should be the capital city. The press sector that close to power was designed Istanbul as an anti-Anatolian and anti-Ankara, the opposition press has made Istanbul and its symbolism an instrument of the opposition. Perhaps the only exception to this is Abdurrahman Velid Ebüzziya. Mr. Velid criticized some of the actions of the new state after the National Struggle, but he was not afraid to express his belief that Ankara was right in the debate about being a capital and emphasized the necessity of Ankara as the capital. This attitude of Mr.Velid was worthy to be examined by us and it was the subject of our study notification.


Journalism, History of Press, Abdurrahman Vel

Author : Neslihan KILIÇ - - Nurettin GÜZ
Number of pages: 386-408
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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