Human being exist in the wholeness and complexity of identities which spread from close environment to distant environment particularly as family. The effort of gaining an identity is related to individual’s own life and the environment s/he lives. From birth to the period that s/he starts to know itself, every individual is in the features like native language, religion, traditions, economic situation, geographical region/land, race and so on. The individual that questions himself as a singular being and evaluates his being in the position related to this questioning perceive his “individualism” in the attempt of this defining which the discrimination of me and others designates. This gaining an identity which is also thought as concrete documents of abstract individuals is a process that goes toward to social from individual. This situation is the going process of the who “I” am question starting from singular to “plural”, namely “us”. National identity is examined over the aspects of forming “individual self” in 5 categories which are the historical land or country; mutual mits and historical memory; a mutual massive community culture; notable mutual legal rights and duties for every person of community and a mutual economy that the people of community have the opportunity of free motion in the country. Bahtiyar Vahapzade, believing that the spiritual values existing in society’s blood memory, in self are possible with turning itself and that national awareness will wake up by knowing yourself, is the identity and voice of fire of the fireland. Apart from collective belongings, as a concept of identity means totality of qualities that shows our position in life like our wishes, dreams, identifying ourselves and our way of getting-defining contact with life. In notification, the semantic world of Bahtiyar Vahapzade, the construction of national identity that he tries to comprise will be explained with meaning stages of his poems.


Bahtiyar Vahapzade, National Identity, Identity, Construction of Identity

Author : Emrah SEFEROĞLU
Number of pages: 375-383
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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