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The Kapnos Metaphor: Epictetus and the Tobacco Dependence

Translations of ancient texts into Turkish, as a problem, is heatedly debated among Turkish philosophers. As is known, composed of a few people who made a breakthrough by invaluable translations, it was possible to utter only a few names in the area until very recently. However, we can see a pleasing acceleration of ancient texts into the Turkish during recent years. All the same, there can be greater problems while translating from extinct language into modern languages than while translating from living languages. In this paper, we will try to example a certain number of problems which may occur while translating ancient texts into Turkish, from the point of some particular translations of Epictetus.


Ancient philosophy, philosophical language, translation, Epictetus

Yazar: Birdal AKAR -
Sayfa Sayısı: 367-374
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