Between the years 1950-1960 it was the only party in the ruling Democratic Party in Turkey, the press life was saved development. The number of newspapers published in Urfa, in Turkey as it is all in this process has increased. In this study, the newspapers published in Urfa between 1950-1960 were analyzed. Name of the newspapers, responsible and views were discussed. Although the newspapers published in Urfa in the 1950s criticized the government from time to time, they were generally pro-Democratic Party. Other newspapers, except the Urfa newspaper, continued their attitudes until the May 27 military coup. The newspapers, which were the most effective communication tools of the period, kept Urfa's needs frequently on the agenda and attracted the attention of the relevant authorities to a great extent. The newspapers also under took serious duties in terms of social assistance and solidarity. The local press of Urfa is also an important source of research in the period. The main sources of the study are the newspapers original archive, documents obtained from the State Archives and other research works.


Press, Newspapaers in Urfa, The Democratic Party.

Author : İbrahim Halil TANIK
Number of pages: 516-524
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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