Abstract Yahya Kemal Beyatlı is one of the poets who treat the cultural texture of Istanbul as a thematic force with the consciousness of authenticity in Turkish literature. In the identity of being authentic, it has a function that keeps alive the deep images, national values and ancestral cult visualized through place. The poet internalizes the images revived in the dream city with the spiritual climate and the traditional image patterns. In the consciousness of being authentic, the place carries the ideal of being a homeland and nation with a social and cultural form. Istanbul and Üsküdar districts take the poet on a journey to remembrances and cultural memory in a lively place with a mirror metaphor. In Dream Cıty poetry, the narrator reveals his intense, pervasive, dynamic and traditional images on the place itself. Üsküdar district is a nostalgic place with the splendor of Turkish history, and nostalgia is a memory of happy remembrances with longed experiences. The district of Üsküdar is the inspiration of the poet with his biographical story, representing Istanbul and witnessing the glorious history of the Turkish lineage. The meaning of Istanbul in Yahya Kemal is the image of a place that opens / emits an authentic identity with the image of a ‘dream city’. In study, the consciousness of being authentic is put forward with images in Dream Cıty poem.


Key words: Dream City, consciousness of authenticity, place, image.

Author : Fevziye Alsaç
Number of pages: 303-312
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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