Human beings perceive themselves and other living and non-living objects in their surroundings within a certain time dimension. Figure is the general name of the all kinds of beings and objects that could be encountered in natural world or imagined. If space is considered as a void what makes it visible can be created by creating a state of fullness with living or inanimate objects. Hence, figures or how objects appear in the picture with their locations become important components of what makes space visible. . This research aims to investigate space and figure works in contemporary art. This research carries importance in order to understand space figure relationship in contemporary art. The sample of the research is limited to contemporary artists and their works of art. Content analysis and qualitative data analysis methodology has been used for the research design. Since the beginning of the art of painting the general inclination was the figurative painting, however, from 1950’ to recent days conceptual works of art took over the place of compositions valued based on plasticity in the past. Figure and space interpretations are handled in different ways and with aspects for different periods and took form though what artist would like to show. Contemporary artist stand out with their space arrangement though limitless search for form. .


Words: Figure, space, conceptual art

Author : Selda MANT MENAY
Number of pages: 86-94
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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