As known, modern cities have solved their problems and provided the best facilities to their citizens and made the cities as places where people live in comfort and peace. To realize the purpose, the local governments and the institutions of the general government has to collaborate. All these cases are valid for Amasya, a city which can be a candidate to become a city of tourism. In this study, the ideas and suggestions for Amasya to become a city for tourism are mentioned. Regarding to the physical, geographical and historical features of the city, the study was designed related to the qualitative research method based on the observations. In this context, awareness to the natural environment, the participant role of the researcher, total approach, present of perceptions, flexibility in the design of the research, and inductive analysis are used that constitute the basis of the qualitative research method. In this aspect, the tourism potential of Amasya will be evaluated and some suggestions will be made related on the obtained data. Some aspects such as the pleasure of tourists, parking areas of the tourist coaches, guidance service for tourists, accommodation, traffic regulations in the city center, banning of traffic in the old town will be observed and determined throughout the research and the obtained data will be disseminated with the people and institutions working on the same subject.


Amasya, Tourism, Tourism City, Tourism and Amasya, Suggestions

Author : Turgut İLERİ - Asım ÇOBAN
Number of pages: 248-259
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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