Abu Mansur al-Maturidi, an important scholar of the Turkish-Islamic world, accepts revelation among sources of knowledge, unlike deistic theology, which does not accept the prophethood (nubuvvah) and the prophets. It is a mental necessity to accept the news given by the prophet, whose truth is fixed by a miracle. The truth, the reality, the good and the good can only be achieved through the combination of reason and revelation. The most cherished thing found in man is that the mind is the wisdom of creation; a means of understanding the revelation and a means of understanding. According to deism, the mind that accepts the existence of the God who created the universe but rejects the revelation and the prophet is sufficient, because God is not involved in the world he created, there is no sanction for him on the people. God’s sending of a prophet, his command, and his ban lack wisdom. The source of religion and morality is not revelation, but the nature and mind of man. According to Maturidi, who studied the background of deist-type beliefs visions of deities and prophets, ignorance, poverty, world struggle and the concealment of the senses and the reason can be incapable of understanding the truth and wisdom. The mind, an entity whose abilities are determined, cannot transcend the realm drawn for itself. If it were not for the prophethood and the prophets, this world would be useless without wisdom. Only through prophets can human behavior take a commendable position. Allah's sending of a prophet with a lot of wisdom, that is, the prophethood, is divine grace and blessing to humanity. Al-Maturidi lived in the region of Samarkand there were movements that did not accept prophethood. For example, Berahime and Sumeniyya did not accept prophethood, claiming that the revelation and the revelation were meaningless in terms of wisdom, and that the miracle was similar to magic. Today, as it was yesterday, deism is discussed through the institution of prophethood. The same kind of ideas and discourses against the prophethood, the revelation, the prophet and the miracle of contemporary deist movements, It can be said that al-Maturidi's method is still valid today with the mental evidence he used in criticizing deist views. In this study, the critique of deism’s nubuvvah (the prophethood) view is examined according to al-Maturidi.


The Prophethood, Prophet, Revelation, Deism, al-Maturidi

Author : Osman ORAL
Number of pages: 200-222
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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