With Tanzimat reform era, like many areas, literature has gone through important developments. The Great Poet “Şair-i Azam” Abdulhak Hamid was also following the footsteps of the West and was interested in French romanticism, especially Victor Hugo. Although there are several studies about the topic, (done by R Rıza Tevfik, F. A. Tansel, Ziya Karamuk…), most of them are related to his literary personality and style. There seems to be two important factors in Hamid’s tendency towards French literature: novelty seeking and the interest French literature and specifically Victor Hugo have among Tanzimat intellectuals. In fact, themes of romanticism such as lyricism, nature descriptions, love, death, (his love and especially the death of Fatma Hanım) and metaphysics corresponded to both Hamid’s conception and style of poetry and his life experiences. Suffering from similar anguishes with V. Hugo (Léopoldine and Fatma Hanım) leaded Hamid to a similar poetic sense and style. The distinctiveness and lyricism in Hugo and French Literature inspired him more towards this sphere and he was even called “V. Hugo of the era”. In this study the affiliation between the two poets will be touched upon and the similarities will be examined.


Abdulhak Hamid, Victor Hugo, Tanzimat Reform Era, Romanticsm, poetry

Author : Abdülhalim Aydın
Number of pages: 77-89
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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