Literature, space and memory, activating temporal continuity are three areas that play an active role. The cooperation between these three fields, enriched by interdisciplinary studies, carries the past to the present, but also contributes positively to the space organization of the future. Like humans, places need a memory where memories are stored. One of the tools that carries the memory of the place is literature. Memory, while keeping records of the past with the accumulation of the culture, art and thought worlds of the past ages and gives the opportunity to reevaluate in today's conditions. In this work, the role of literature in the transport of spatial memory will be addressed by Mehmed Niyazi's novel Geniuses and Lunatics. The spatial memory that continues to live in the testimony of literature, even though it is destroyed physically, will be brought to attention by the reading of the space to be made by taking the example of Marmara Kıraathanesi as a memory space.


Literature, space, memory, Mehmed Niyazi, novel.

Author : Ebru BURCU YILMAZ
Number of pages: 44-54
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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