Tutunamayanlar is usually mentioned with the novelties it has brought in the form of novel. Another aspect of the work which is as important as this is that it reveals the depression and inadaptation individual's experiencing through the criticism of the establishments forming the social structure. Selim's perception of life as not to worth living, refusal of the facilities which modern city emerged by industrialisation offers people, is a tempt to a passive uprising against modernism. Philosophical questioning absurd individual goes through, at the same time transforms into an extensive criticism of the society. Intellectual person who is trying to transform the social structure is in the search of discovering his individuality and building the reason for his existence on solid basis. In this study, “Tutunamayanlar” is dealt in line with Albert Camus’ absurd philosophy, reasons for the modern individual’s maladaptive behaviours towards life are underlined.


İncompatible, absurdism, intellectual, İndividuality, Oğuz Atay.

Author : Mehmet Yılmaz
Number of pages: 176-185
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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