Soviet Ideology Read from Sultan Raev’s Nuthouse
Sultan Raev’in Tımarhane’sinden Okunan Sovyet İdeolojisi

Author : Tuba DALAR
Number of pages : 240-253


The Bolshevik Revolution, one of the most important political breaks of the past century, not only changed the course of events of the First World War, but also affected the destiny of many countries on a global scale. The ideological-based division caused by the revolution has social, political and economic consequences in many countries. The people most affected by this process are of course the public of Soviet Russia. The repressive policies on the Turkish world, especially during the Stalinist era, have led to the isolated individuals and societies that are estranged from their values and mankurt and become isolated. From these individuals who forget to be their own, draft Soviet citizens, whose borders are pre-defined, are produced. Due to the state terror imposed by the state organs, the mission of explaining the ambitions and practices of the Russian administration on Turkish geography becomes the duty of literati. Sultan Raev, who is one of the novelist of Kyrgyz literature, is one of the artists who took on this responsibility. In this study, the metaphorical discourse in the Tımarhane novel was considered and the reflections of the Soviet Russia ideology in the novel were tried to be analyzed.


Soviet Russia, Stalin, Sultan Raev, Nuthouse, Mankurtization


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