The Poetics of Space In The Novels of Cengiz Aytmatov

The space that expresses the fictive events that take place in narrative-based types with temporal references, is shaped according to the situations of existence of the protagonists. The perception of space, in which experiences as well as relationships (togetherness) belonging to socio-cultural structure are effective, gains a relative meaning by varying from person to person. Human beings create space with their position that both living inside and observing from outside. The perceptual spaces that refers to the ‘’re-establish’’ of the their geographical environment with the human beings’ world of values and ‘’self’’, emerge as the product of a psychological reflection. In the article, by being shown an approach to the novels of Cengiz Aytmatov in terms of space-human relationship was tried to be examined the face that reflected in the space of the novel peoples. Accordingly in the study, the places where the events took place were classified as closed/ narrow and open/ wide spaces according to the spiritual phenomenons of the novel peoples.


Cengiz Aytmatov, novel, perceptual spaces, open/ wide spaces, closed/ narrow spaces.

Author : Mutlu Deveci
Number of pages: 147-160
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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