Tourism is a humanistic activity that makes the societies comecloser, demolishes the prejudicies, leads culture stok noweachother, provides Money circulation among the nations apart from the expenses forth eenergy. Technological development especiallyseen in communication and data processing results in making the worlds mallerand it increases couriosity among the societies and nation stok noweach other welland closely. The technology also contribute storising of tourism internationally. When people are interested in tourism more and more, the aim of thet ourism has change dinevitably. Before that period tourism has been expensive and people had to spend more Money for shopping and seeing different place sallo verthe world. How ever, in previous years the understanding of tourism has completely change dand people are interested in seeing new placesand experiencing different cultures with out spending muchmoney. Today historical and cultural tourism has gained great importance among the travellers. Depending on this new trend, people want to seeplaces with historical back grounds. Insuch places, tourism brings a new soul for trade and provideslocal people to get job to lead more comfor table life. This study aim stointroduce the cultural and historical aspects of Amasya regarding to the opinions of the teachers and to make some recommendations. Fifty-thre et eachers working in secondary schools in Amasya participated in the study voluntarily.


Amasya, Teachers' opinions , Culturaltourism

Author : Asım ÇOBAN - Turgut İLERİ
Number of pages: 74-85
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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