Citizens’ impression thoughts, perceptions and attitudes about the municipality are called as the image of the multicipality. Identıty components identified through the strategiv management efforts of the municipalities should be diversified and promoted through local, national and international advertisements, awareness should be created im people and the demands of individuals towards the city and the municipality should be increased.Strategic management can be considered as an important instrumental mechanism at this point. The aim of this study is to determine the differences between the effective elements and the qualifications in the formation of corporate identity and to focus on strategic efforts and activities. These strategic management activities emerge as a result of the meticulousness of the organization and organization’s environmental research, problem identification, situation analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation. In this study, which has been analyzed with the literature review, the strategic efforts of Elazığ Municipality with the aim of creating corporate identity will be examined. As a result of this research, Elazığ Municipality responds to the needs of the society with a transparent and participatory management and gives the impression of a very succesful municipality in meeting the interests and needs of the society The visible and invisible values of the city have to be unearthed an it has been determined that it can increase both the identity of the municipality and the image of the municipality by entering into a coordination process with other provinces in terms of regional development and joint participation and consensus.


Corporate İdentity, Strategic Communication, Elazığ Municipality, Strategic Management, Municipality İmage.

Author : Yusuf GÖRGÜLÜ
Number of pages: 587-609
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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